Newfoundland’s A New Canada Political Party

NewFoundland’s newest political party – A New Canada NL – was conceived in early 2020 in response to the draconian CoVid measures and the inept handling of our country.

Tens of thousands of needless deaths were the results of provincial and federal politics. These deaths were over and above the expected deaths from old age and accidents, etc.

We think the elected provincial and federal representatives whom we (The People) voted into office should actually represent us.

Within this site will be most of our Mandates, along with the reasoning behind our decisions. There will also be a blog with each Mandate so we can receive feedback from you if you have points of views we have not considered.

Each Mandate is different from the usual petty politics the current Canadian governments use to distract you.  And these do nothing to improve the life of our citizens or strengthen Canada internationally.

A New Canada NL is created to help ALL citizens with a better more productive life and for Canada to become a global powerhouse nation.

Canada GDP

Canada was an energetic country, with high GDP and next to no debt.  Now….

Canada has had little to no growth in more than twenty years. We have been living on our reputation.   You can find more on Canada’s (and internationally) economics here.  It’s easy reading….

Canada’s debt was historically neutral.  We used to be revenue neutral – Canada didn’t save more but also didn’t go into debt.  From the 80s we went into debt, recovered from about 1995 to 2008, and crashed and never recovered from about 2008 onward.


A New Canada believes it has a solution to reduce/elimate:
Drug Use
Domestic Violence
Parental Abuse
Poor Health Problems
Poor Living Conditions
Poor Wages
Emotional and Mental Health
Reduce Welfare

Our program for UBI (Universal Benefits Income) will give – no strings attached – $2,000 per month to all citizens over 18.  And this is above any income a person might make.  And, along with our other programs, is revenue neutral.  It won’t result in further debt.

The provincial and federal governments have discussed this at one time or another.  A bill was passed in Ottawa in 2022 to implement a UBI, but a two year study is required first.  There have been many studies, and Stats Canada has a specialized “What If” program for modelling.

We believe it may be something like $500 a month and clawed back as you earn income.  This is NOT a UBI.

Before you express anger at “the bums who will do nothing”, read our mandate.  It may change your perception.

Flat Tax

A New Canada has studied ways to help Canadians further.  Another major change that would help Canadians is a flat tax.  Our tax system is regressive.  The more you make, the more taxes at a higher rate you pay.

Many people would work more hours for more pay, but doing so may place them into a higher tax bracket with the net result of taking home less pay.  A flat tax system won’t do that.

It is thought that higher wage earners don’t pay enough taxes because of tax incentives not usually available to the middle class.  And often that is true.  With our flat tax system, everyone making up to $100,000 a year pays 20%.  Over $100,000 the rate is 25%.  Corporations are 30%.  There is a personal exemption on the first $15,000.  There is no more merged, or family income or income splitting.  For tax purposes, everyone is single.

There are no deductions (aside from employer/employee CPP and EI payments) to deduct.  There is no more Capital Gains exemptions, no more dividends discounts, no more tax deferal programs such as RRSPs.

Companies that had depreciation expenses now don’t. Everything is now a current expense.  Land, building, equipment and more.

A flat tax also means no more lobbyists to influence special groups over others.

Here is more information on Flat Tax.

Money Laundering

Money laundering nets about $2 Billion a year into Canadian coffers.  These proceeds buy houses and other real estate, businesses (current businesses, not starting a business) and other high value items (cars, jewelry, art, antiques, etc.) that are likey to appreciate.

The money are proceeds from illegal activities globally, that are “washed” in Canada.  This is money from drugs, prostitution, blackmail, illegal gambling, illegal arms sales, and much more.  There has been many government invesigations and reports written, both provincially and federally, but little or nothing has been done.  Our intelligence service has very real concerns about these endevours, but the politicians have dropped moving further.  It is recorded that there are politicians working and/or bribed by these nefarious organizations.

You can find out more about Money Laundering here.

There are many more A New Canada Mandates.  You can find them below.  Immigrations, GST, Skills Redevelopment, Canada Security, Alternate Energy, our Economy, Oil & Gas Pipelines and more.

A New Canada

EconomyFinancial Projections
Flat TaxMoney Laundering
Universal Basic Income  (UBI)GST
Health CareIncrease Canadian Manufacturing
Specialized HospitalsImmigration
Universal PrescriptionsSkilled Immigrants Retraining
CoVidClimate Change
Canada SecurityAlternate Energy
Quantum ComputersOil, Gas & Pipelines for Export
RacismIndian Status & Changes
   Residential Schools Affordable Housing
   MS St Louis 

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A New Canada
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A New Canada Newfoundland is a new political party whose only interest is to improve NL taking into account the provincial areas of concerns and Federal policies.

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                Newfoundland Election Date:  Oct 14 2025

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